Our Approach

We follow the Ministry of Education oral and written guidelines closely and our approach is more oral-based and less worksheet-based. Students are taught to recognise, read, listen, understand and comprehend words and phrases and learn their applications. Our fun and engaging teaching techniques and activity-based curriculum help students to focus and remember words and phrases in a more effective manner.

Through our 5 core concepts of learning of text06 our students will strive to:

Read and Comprehend


To be able to recognise Chinese characters, read and understand the passages effectively


To be able to express oneself and convey thoughts and opinions in mandarin effectively



To be able to hold a conversation and exchange view and opinions comfortably in mandarin with another person or in a group
  • For the younger students, they will be engaged in activities ranging from storybook reading, role play, topical discussion, music & movement, story-telling and penmanship.
  • For the older students, they will be involved in more passage/article reading, oral discussions and comprehension exercises.

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