Testimonial from Parents

My Daughter's approach towards Chinese language changed incredibly after she started attending classes in ILC

My P3 daughter has since young been resistant to the Chinese language. Given her attitude, we were not very confident that she’ll benefit from class tuition and resorted to one-to-one approach instead. Even then, it was a constant battle for the home tutor to engage Lynn in the 1½ hr session, twice weekly.

To our amazement, Lynn’s approach towards the language changed incredibly after she started attending classes in ILC. She no longer detests the language and to finally hear from her personally that Chinese is ‘not so bad after all’ really made our day!

To sum it up, here is what her one-to-one tutor sms us a few sessions after Lynn attended ILC:

19 Feb 2013 sms : 俐玲今天表现更好了,今天给她上课非常开心。她十分配合!

26 Feb 2013 sms :  Hi王太太,今天俐玲表现太好了!书写很认真,一笔一画写得很好,她不但完成了我规定的功课,还多做了一份考卷!而且理解问答做得不错!听写也完成得非常好!请记得表扬她

Mr Ong

linaongILC Worked Magic on My 2 Daughters

My girls Lala (P2) and Nanee (P4) have always struggled with spoken Mandarin having come from a non-Chinese speaking background. Not surprisingly, they developed an aversion towards the language and hated tuition classes.

When I first brought Lala to ILC, she was in tears the whole journey there, and tried all ways to talk me out of sending her to another Chinese class. She was sure the class will be difficult and she will hate it. Imagine my surprise when she came out of that first class, all smiles, and persuaded me to let her attend 3 sessions a week! We eventually settled for twice a week due to her other commitments. She has not stopped talking to her friends about how fun and not scary ILC was.

Lala's enthusiasm persuaded her older sister Nanee to give ILC a try as well to see what the hype was about. Nanee, whom I had withdrawn from at least 2 other Chinese enrichment classes previously as she hated them with a vengeance and totally didn't follow the classes, also came back from ILC begging me to also allow her to attend ILC at least twice weekly. I even had to rearrange her schedule to accommodate the ILC classes!

I don't know how they did it, but ILC worked magic on my 2 girls. After just 3 weeks of classes, everyone noticed that they were much less averse to Mandarin and seemed to have adopted a much more positive attitude towards learning Chinese. This is a class I'll certainly recommend to all my friends. Thanks ILC!

Lina Ong, mother of Nanee & Lala

Testimonial from Our Students

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