The Syllabus

Our programs are designed to follow the Ministry of Education syllabus closely for the Chinese language from Kindergarten 1 to Primary 6. Additional vocabulary, practical phrases and idioms are taught along with proper sentence construction and oral comprehension.

From K1 to P2, our uniquely designed curriculum focuses to build up our students’ vocabulary through reading, communication and fun activities. There will be minimal writing involved as we advocate more spoken mandarin and applying the words that they have learnt. Even from the tender age of K1, we seek to nurture them to comprehend situations through simple question and answer sessions while stories are read.

From P3 to P6, our curriculum is more examination-oriented as we focus on oral (朗读, 看图说话,会话)  comprehension (阅读理解), cloze passage (完成对话)and sentence construction(造句).

For P6 students, our intensive PSLE Chinese Oral program during the June holidays covers a wide range of scenarios and conversation topics to prepare them well for their forthcoming oral examination.


Holiday Intensive for P6
PSLE Chinese Oral Intensive
(8 intensive lessons; 16 scenarios; 200+ vocabs)

International schools
We have classes available for students who attend international schools and who wish to improve on their mandarin speaking skills. Our curriculum caters to the beginners, intermediate and advance levels.


We have weekly classes as well as school holiday programs.

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