Our Objective 目标

Our objective is to break the Chinese language barrier and nurture our students’ interest and fluency for it.

Our Passion 理念

I LOVE CHINESE is a Chinese enrichment centre that focuses on spoken mandarin. It is a spin-off facility from The Kidz Club, an established student care centre in Upper Bukit Timah area since 2004 where students from many well-known schools congregate before and after school for its student care services and in-house tuition program.

Through our 10 years’ experience in caring for our students, we realise and feel for the students who are having increasing difficulty coping with the higher expectations of the Chinese curriculum in school. This is especially more prevalent in upper primary students. As a result, many students are caught in the paper chase to boost their written competency more than their oral competency. This may create an imbalance in the process of learning and mastering the language.

At I LOVE CHINESE, we believe in creating that environment for students to read, speak and converse effectively and naturally. We believe that love of the language and confidence in oral communication skills can bring their learning to a higher ground.

Call us at +65 6469-6848 / 9843-4883 or email us at ilcenquiry8@gmail.com to inquire on our Program and Promotions.

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